You’ve  bought the ring, knelt on one knee and proposed. Is this where your fiances work begins while you relax? The answer is NO, your role in your wedding is more than that. Your fiance will need your help during what will be a stressful period.

Weddings bring families and old friends together but the planning of a wedding is just as likely to keep them apart. The bride will be the focus of everyone’s attention as she will be called upon to give account for the wedding day plans. Your mum and her mum will impose ideas regarding the wedding day, that the bride may not be too keen on, but as the groom your role should be to protect her from all battles by keeping the peace, not easy in some cases.

Here are 5 ways you can be involved in the wedding.

1. Share your ideas

Help her by having an opinion about what you would like at your wedding. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas on aspects of the wedding with your fiancé. You may be surprised at the level of input you have. You can influence the menu, floral arrangement, wedding colour, the entertainment, transport etc.

2. Support

Your fiancé will complain about things that are going array but instead of adding to the stress, calm her down by listening to her rants and help her to relax. You can do this by cooking dinner, giving her a massage, pouring glass of wine for her, spending a weekend at a hotel, or sending her to a spa. Most of all let her know that everything will be okay.

3. Be in control of the guys

They are your friends so this shouldn’t be a problem. Take charge of the groomsmen’s attire by making all the arrangements with a bridal shop.  Update the groomsmen about directions to the shop, fittings date, pickups and returns of the rentals. Constantly call or email the guys about wedding day plans so they are aware of changes if any.

4. Get help

The above three points not you. then hire a wedding planner and attend the meetings with your fiance. Not only will this prove that your fiance has your backing, but she will be relieved to know that she can leave the wedding details to a professional.

5. Surprise her on the wedding day

Send her a gift, flowers or wishes on the wedding day. Your fiancé will be so happy that she can’t wait to give you that kiss at the altar. Plus her bridesmaids will be so jealous that she has a thoughtful hubby.


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