When planning your wedding day, the focus of most brides is how to make it beautiful and how to make it entirely yours – add in the current pressures of living in a recession and there might be a problem. However, there are things you can do to make you day fabulous and on budget.

1. Shop around

If you have the time there are bargains out there to be found. If you have a dress or pair of shoes in mind, get the name, the make and get yourself on Google to find alternatives. You might just find that it’s priced cheaper elsewhere shop around.

2. Get married midweek

You will save at least £25 per head on the cost of the venue. Your chosen venue will be the most expensive part of your day. Saturday weddings are the ones that will get booked up in advance and of course this will mean the venue prices are at maximum. Midweek weddings do have the disadvantage that maybe not everyone will be able to get the day off work, but maybe they might come as evening guests.

3. Get married out of high season

More and more couples are choosing to marry outside of the traditional summer season and picking winter weddings to celebrate their big day. This can save massively on the venue costs which are geared towards higher charges during the summer months. Money saved on your venue is a big deal as it’s often the priciest thing on your budget.

4. Cut out the non-essentials

Decide which things you absolutely need, which you would like and which you really don’t need after all.

Wedding cars used for two to four hours.

The dresses (very important) used for about twelve hours.

Groom and Bestman’s outfit used for about twelve hours.

Meal and reception venue used for nine hours maximum.

Photographer about ten hours.

Honeymoon one or two weeks.

Wedding album the rest of your life.

When your wedding day has passed and you have returned from honeymoon, the only physical things that you will have are your SPOUSE, YOUR DRESS and YOUR WEDDING ALBUM, the rest is just memories.

5. Get creative

Even the least creative person can find tips on DIY for your wedding. Wedding invites can be expensive but they don’t have to be, if you make your own. If you have seen an invite style you like, can you copy it using similar materials? Once the design is in place, how about getting your girlfriends to give you a hand, go easy on the wine though, the invites must look good.

6. Keep your numbers down

Keeping guest numbers down to a reasonable figure is essential to stop your costs spiralling out of control. Of course you want to have everyone you know and love at the wedding – equally you want to look out and see the faces of those you share your lives with – not necessarily a room full of distant relatives you’ve seen once in the last five years. I suggest you get the cost per head at your venue and working out how many you can afford to invite. It will be a trade-off between dream venue and dream guest list – unless you’re getting married to a banker, then you might not be able to do both. Once you’ve decided on the venue, that will often dictate your maximum numbers anyway. Now see how many people you have, when you have that in place, you should be able to see if the numbers are going to work. Be ruthless if you have to be, invite work colleagues or friendly associates to the evening reception not the whole day. Do your cousins have children?  Whichever way you choose it starts to become easier to cut the guest list once you calculate how much per head you are actually paying for everyone there.


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